Sunday, 31 July 2011

In the beginning...

 I decided to set up a blogger account, I have a live journal but thought I'd try this out...
not sure if I like it so I might go back to live journal!!

Anyway, I decided to set up a blog to document the trails and tribulations of my travelling adventures.
Hence why this is "In the beginning". I'm not writing retrospectivley about travelling, as my belief is that travelling is about the journey, not the destination - as cheesy as that sounds!

I have just finished a Media and Journalism degree at Northumbria (got a 2:1 in case you are wondering hehe) but I am facing a life crisis over what I actually want to do as a career. I have several ideas, but rather than rushing in to some graduate training scheme, or further education I figured it was time to take some time out to get to know myself and find what I want to do with life.

What better way to learn about yourself than taking yourself off to the other side of the world?!

However, first of all I had to take a step back and move down south with my parents, brother and sisters after four years of independent living! Going from the busy city of Newcastle to the sleepy village of Houghton is certaintly a chance of pace but so far pretty pleasant. Definitley nice not having to worry about bills and such!

I have to save up ALOT of money before travelling, a hell of a lot. It's taken longer than I expected to find a job around here, especially living in the middle of NOWHERE.

But, I have managed to land myself a job at The Crowne Plaza hotel in Cambridge which I start on Wednesday. The contract is only 16 hours a week, but hopefully I will wow them with my mad skillz and get more hours.

I'm also hopefully starting a dance teaching job in September which will get me more cash, but still... I am getting worried about my goal of at LEAST £8k by February.....

I'm currently about -£500 in the bank due to my overdraft and my credit card. However I have £3,500 saved in my ISA so I guess I have roughly around £3,000 saved. That isn't actually as bad as I thought it was going to be! However, obviously for travelling the more money I have in reserve the better. I need to save approximatley £600 a month to save up a decent amount of money.

Here goes nothing.....

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