Monday, 5 September 2011

28 days Later.....

Wow how time flys!!

So it's now been a month since I started at the hotel... still enjoying although there are some frustrations, but any job has it's problems it can't all be perfect!

I am slightly worried about the fact the manager may be leaving  as it seems to be pretty chaotic without him around but I'm only gonna be a few months and maybe this will motivate me to get my ass outta this country sooner :D

So far the saving hasn't been so succesful ;( with having my first proper wage ever I got a little overexcited and purchased some new clothes and things.. although I may take some back (I think I was on an adrenaline high/tiredness from being out the night before!)

I could save 10k by the end of March if I literally spent no money whatsoever however this will be impossible as I have phone bills and bus fares to pay. Plus the odd night on the town obviously!

Maybe I will just have to go with less money as my absolute goal is to be away travelling by my Birthday!! I want to spend my birthday lying on some exotic Thai beach absolutley blottoed ;)

Living with the rentals is getting slightly tiresome now.. had a lovely peaceful two weeks while they were on holiday (a holiday I wasn't even invited on pfft)

Had a proper dramalammm yesterday with work transportation. My dad needed the car to go to the airport for a "business trip" (read Golf) as I couldnt drop him off cause I had work at 8am. Problem is there are no busses in country bumpkin land this early sooo.. quelle dommage!! Needed dad to drop me off at work but he was mighty pissed off about this cause he had "so much to catch up on" in between his three weeks of vacation. Well whatever. I shouldn't let things get to me. A very good friend told me to stop focusing on where other people are going and focus on myself. So this is what I am doing..
Operation "GMTFOH" is under way.

going to upload some more items to eBay today as I have the day off, and need to turn it into something semi-productive!! Was meant to visit a friend in London but she is sick today :(

At the minute my fitness is quite motivated as well... maybe I will get that bikini body after all! I have cycled (only a couple of times I admit but better than nothing!) to the busway and back which is approx. two miles each way and I also visited the gym at work. We have a free gym and its always empty so really I have no excuses. I couldn't go yesterday as my last bus was at 5.30pm, however I did walk the 2 miles home from the busway so still got some exercise!
I am also trying to eat better, sometimes helped along by work and the disgusting lunches that are dished up ;)

I'm still having a quarter life crisis.. no men in my life and I don't know what I want to do as a career... do I want to go down the hospitality route.. stay in a hotel, work my way up the chain?? I even considered a career as an Air Hostess seeing as this would combine my love of travel... but I'm terrified of travelling!
Other careers I have been musing over are retraining to become a CSI but I really don't know how interesting it would be off-screen. I'd love an acting career, but that's not even worth contemplating!

But, so far so good... and each day is closer to the day I'll be leaving on a jet plane

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